CO 239: Combinatorial Enumeration (Fall 2021)

This webpage will not be updated during the term.
All course materials will be posted on LEARN.

Syllabus: A tentative version is available here. The final version of the syllabus will be posted on LEARN at the beginning of the semester.

Organization: We will be using a form of flipped classroom instruction. There will be course note readings and lecture videos made available online which you will be expected to go over, and then we will use our time together to work through problems in small groups, mastering the techniques together. This problem-time is marked as a tutorial in Quest, but you should view it as the core learning time for the course. Consequently, the tutorials will be run by the instructors and your attendance is expected for marks (see the syllabus for more details). The course can be taken either with in-person problem sessions or fully online with synchronous online problem sessions. Simply choose an online or in-person tutorial section as suits your situation. Additionally, we will have both in-person and online office hours and a discussion forum. Details on in-person components are subject to change depending on the local health situation.

Assessment: 15% tutorial hand-in questions, 10% presentations, 25% individual assignments, 25% midterm, 25% final

Topics: See the schedule in the syllabus.