Tutte Colloquium

Kanstantsin Pashkovich will take over organization of the Tutte starting September 2022.

The Tutte Colloquium — named in memory of William T. Tutte — is our departmental colloquium dedicated to all aspects of combinatorics, optimization, cryptography, and quantum computing. Our local audience consists principally of combinatorics students, postdocs, and faculty across these areas, and colloquium talks should aim to inform such a “general combinatorics audience”.

Talks are 50 minutes, with questions following, and take place Fridays from 3:30 – 4:30 Waterloo time. Talks are hosted on Zoom and in MC 5501 at the same time. Local speakers have the option to give an in-person talk (which will also be streamed on Zoom) or an online talk. The Zoom room opens 15 minutes before each talk and will stay open after the talks for social activities. With speaker permission, videos will be recorded and uploaded to our department YouTube channel.

Anyone attending in person must adhere to Waterloo’s safety requirements around COVID-19.

Spring 2022

Date Speaker Institution Title
May 13 Rafael Oliveira Waterloo Sylvester-Gallai Configurations and Beyond
May 20 Frank de Meijer Tilburg The Chvátal-Gomory procedure for integer SDPs with applications in combinatorial optimization
May 27 Ian Goulden & David Jackson Waterloo See the combinatorial and algebraic enumeration conference
June 10 Swee Hong Chan UCLA Combinatorial atlas for log-concave inequalities
June 17 Timo de Wolff TU Braunschweig An Introduction to Nonnegativity and Polynomial Optimization
July 1 no talk Canada Day
July 15 Ben Moore Charles University 3-colouring via flows
July 15 William Slofstra Waterloo Positivity and sums of squares in products of free algebras
July 22 Krystal Guo Amsterdam Strongly regular graphs with a regular point
July 29 Amy Wiebe UBC Okanagan Non-realizability of polytopes via linear programming

Winter 2022

Here are the currently scheduled talks for the semester. Due to the rapidly changing COVID situation, there is a higher chance than normal of interruptions to the schedule.

Date Speaker Institution Title
Jan 21 Manuel Kauers JKU Guessing with little data
Jan 28 Jens Vygen Bonn Traveling Salesman Problems: Approximation Algorithms and Black-Box Reductions
Feb 4 David Jao Waterloo The Problem Landscape of SIDH
Feb 11 no talk schedule break
Feb 18 Chandra Chekuri UIUC Densest Subgraph: Supermodularity, Iterative Peeling, and Flow
Feb 25 no talk reading week
Mar 4 Mireille Bousquet-Mélou Bordeaux Counting planar maps, 50 years after William Tutte
Mar 11 Walaa Moursi Waterloo Strongly nonexpansive mappings revisited uniform monotonicity and operator splitting
March 18 Laura Mancinska Copenhagen Fixed-size schemes for certification of large quantum systems
March 25 Lina Li Waterloo The chromatic number of triangle-free hypergraphs
April 1 Curtis Bright Windsor SAT Solving with Computer Algebra for Combinatorics

Fall 2021

Date Speaker Institution Title
Sept 3 Ross Kang Radboud Chromatic structure in locally sparse graphs
Sept 10 Jane Ye Victoria On solving bilevel programming problems
Sept 17 Alex Pothen Perdue Approximation Algorithms for Matchings in Big Graphs
Sept 24 Tibor Jager Wuppertal Tightly-Secure Digital Signatures
Oct 1 Stephen Jordan Microsoft Quantum Quantum information science for combinatorial optimization
Oct 8 Sophie Spirkl Waterloo Induced subgraphs and treewidth
Oct 22 Ahmad Abdi LSE Dyadic Linear Programming
Nov 12 Greg Zaverucha Microsoft Research Shorter Zero-Knowledge Proofs from MPC
Nov 5 László Végh LSE On complete classes of valuated matroids
Nov 19 Steph van Willigenburg UBC The (3+1)-free conjecture of chromatic symmetric functions
Nov 26 Ashwin Nayak Waterloo Quantum Distributed Complexity of Graph Diameter and Set Disjointness
Dec 3 Minh Bui Waterloo Warped Proximal Iterations for Multivariate Convex Minimization in Hilbert Spaces

Previous Speakers in 2020 and 2021: Liana Yepremyan, Olya Mandelshtam, Jon Yard, Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Marni Mishna, Cécile Pierrot, Kanstantsin Pashkovich, Stephen Melczer, Hao Huang, Hao Hu, Tom Kelly, Alicia Kollár, Felix Joos, Bill Cook, Debbie Leung, Robert Morris, Robert Hildebrand, Elchanan Mossel, Michael Naehrig, David Gosset, Anupam Gupta, Santanu Dey, Oliver Pechenik, Jordan Ellenberg, Nisheeth Vishnoi, Chloe Martindale, Logan Crew, David P. Williamson, Boaz Barak, Levent Tuncel, Alexey Pokrovskiy, Henry Wolkowicz, Luke Postle, Joseph Paat, Léo Ducas, Jim Luedtke, Hamza Fawzi, Shachar Lovett, Felix Leditzky, Peter Selinger, David Wagner, Nicolas Trotignon, Courtney Paquette, Lauren K. Williams, Jane Gao, Daniel Grier, Ricardo Fukasawa, François Bergeron, Peter Nelson, Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez