Waterloo Algebraic and Enumerative Combinatorics Seminar

I now run Waterloo’s Tutte Colloquium – details can be found here.

A historical listing of past speakers in the algebraic and enumerative combinatorics seminar can be found below. The current organizers of this seminar are Logan Crew and Olya Mandelshtam.

Fall 2021

Date Speaker Title
Sept 16 3pm Carolina Benedetti (U. Andes) Quotients of lattice path matroids
Sept 23 Tianyi Yu (UCSD) Grothendieck to Lascoux expansions
Sept 30 Jon Noel (UVic) Forcing Quasirandomness in Permutations
Oct 7 Shiliang Gao (UIUC) Newell-Littlewood numbers
Oct 14 Reading Week
Oct 21 Elaine Wong (RICAM) Computer Algebra for Tiling Problems
Oct 28 Social Event
Nov 4 Torin Greenwood (NDSU) How many ways can it fold?
Nov 11 Jay Pantone (Marquette) Combinatorial Exploration
Nov 18 Philippe Nadeau (Lyon) Remixed Eulerian numbers
Nov 25 Foster Tom (Berkeley) Horizontal-strip LLT polynomials
Dec 2 Mercedes Rosas (U. Sevilla)
Dec 9 Steven Santoli (Waterloo)

Spring 2021

Date Speaker Title
May 13 Christian Bean (Reykjavik) Automating the enumeration of pattern-avoiding permutations
May 20 Steven Karp (UQAM) q-Whittaker functions, finite fields, and Jordan forms
May 27 CanaDAM, no seminar
June 3 Oliver Pechenik (Waterloo) What is the degree of a Grothendieck polynomial?
June 10 Lukas Nabergall (Waterloo) Enumerating hereditary classes of chord diagrams
June 17 Angèle Hamel (Wilfrid Laurier) Identities for ninth variation Schur Q-functions
June 24 Terrence George (Michigan) Arctic curves for groves
July 1 Canada Day, no seminar
July 8 FPSAC, no seminar
July 15 David Wagner (Waterloo) Subgraph counting polynomials – some old results and new ideas
July 22 Nadia Lafrenière (Dartmouth) The spectrum of the random-to-below Markov chain
July 29 Social Week
August 5 Simone Hu (Waterloo) A tale of two integrals
August 12 URA showcase

Winter 2021

Date Speaker Title
January 14 Steve Melczer Analytic combinatorics, rigorous numerics, and uniqueness of biomembranes
January 21 Jason Bell The growth of groups and algebras
January 28 Olya Mandelshtam The multispecies TAZRP and modified Macdonald polynomials
February 4 Jessica Striker Promotion and rowmotion – an ocean of notions
February 11 Julien Courtiel Solving Prellberg and Mortimer’s conjecture - bijection(s) between Motzkin paths and triangular walks
February 18 Reading week, no seminar
February 25 Nick Loehr Chain decompositions for q,t-Catalan numbers
March 4 Ralph Kaufmann Graphs and combinatorics with a relationship to algebra, geometry and physics
March 11 Karen Yeats Equivalences of Wilson loop diagrams
March 18 David Wagner The Poset Conjecture: results, counterexamples, and open problems
March 25 Colleen Robichaux An Efficient Algorithm for Deciding the Vanishing of Schubert Polynomial Coefficients
April 1 Amy Wiebe A combinatorial approach to Minkowski tensors of polytopes
April 8 Jonathan Novak A Tale of Two Integrals
April 15 Yannic Vargas Algebraic structure of the Hopf algebra of double posets